Frequently asked Questions


The following FAQ is an informal description of some of the terms included in Voiseys EULA (End User License Agreement), to give some insight as to the general intent of the agreement that we require our users to enter into before accessing the platform.

It does not constitute legal advice nor does it replace our requirement that each user reads and understands the license agreement before agreeing to it. Not just with Voisey, but with every set of terms and conditions you ever click and agree too, if in doubt it's always best to seek independent legal advice.

What is Voisey?

Voisey is a mobile music creation app and community. It provides users with access to instrumental backing tracks (that we refer to as ‘beats’) and vocal effects to make studio quality recordings and videos, known as voiseys.

Users can collaborate with each other using the social features in the app. Voiseys can then be shared onto social media sites like Instagram, into messaging apps or downloaded as video files.

Who owns the beats on Voisey?

All beats on Voisey remain the property of whoever created or owns the rights to them, and whoever uploads them warrants to Voisey that they are permitted to do so.

Uploading a beat to Voisey does not grant Voisey any ownership in the underlying music or recording, but does grant us the right to display and offer that beat to Voisey users to write and record over in the app, and for the voiseys that emerge to then be hosted and played on Voisey, or shared to a third party site like Instagram or Twitter.

Every voisey, whether in the app or exported- is watermarked with the username of the beatmaker so any viewers will see who created or owns that beat.

Voisey will scan each beat upload using audio fingerprinting technology to check that it is not registered as belonging to someone else. If it is, that upload will be cancelled.

Who owns the recordings/compositions rights to a voisey?

Voiseys that are created on Voisey are owned by whoever owns the beat and whoever performed/recorded over that beat. If multiple people collaborate on one voisey, the resulting recording/composition is owned by all of them.

Voisey does not own any share in these voiseys, nor does it help negotiate agreements between creators. We do however believe in creators equally sharing in things.

What records does Voisey keep?

Voisey keeps records of every beat upload and every voisey made over each beat. We have a time/date of each upload and recording, and details of every user account involved in the creation of a voisey.

We also keep a record of the license agreement that each user agrees to on initial entry into the app. If a new user does not consent to the license agreement, Voisey does not grant them access to the service.

What rights am I giving Voisey?

In the case of beats, you are granting Voisey the rights to host and make beats available for other creators to record over in the app.

In the case of creators (those who record voiseys in the app), you are granting Voisey the rights to host and make available the voiseys that you save and publish in the app and to allow users to share them to third party sites or apps where people can listen to/watch them.

Voisey also has the rights to use these voiseys to promote Voisey in advertising or other promotional campaigns without further approval from the creators/owners. Voisey has the right to adapt voiseys to fit these campaigns, such as editing multiple voiseys together to form a longer composition, or layering different voiseys over each other to create interesting new sounds.

Does Voisey make money?

Currently Voisey is not a revenue generating platform and makes no money. Our focus is entirely on empowering creativity and building a community. We do anticipate generating revenue at some point in the future and this will most likely be through advertising or in app purchases. We are currently supported entirely by investors.

Does Voisey pay royalties?

If and when the app does start generating revenue, Voisey intends to share an appropriate share of this revenue with the respective owners of the voiseys that revenue was generated against.

No plans are currently in place for this however, and updates to the EULA will take place before any changes occur in the service.

Will Voisey ever own rights to music on the platform?

In future, Voisey may decide to offer specific partnerships to certain creators on Voisey, with Voisey potentially acting as a record company, music publisher or in other capacities that could see it participating in ownership or revenue from a creator's work. This would only ever be on a case by case basis, and a separate license or partnership agreement would be entered into.

Can you sell my content to any 3rd parties without my consent?

No, we cannot.

If you want to commercially release or license a voisey, you must make sure that you have the permission of any other creators that share in its ownership.

What happens if I want to remove my beats or voiseys from Voisey?

You can make private or delete any voisey by visiting your profile.

If you want to take down a beat, you may do this, and this beat will cease to become available for creators to use to make further voiseys. However, voiseys created using that beat will still be available.

If you wish to remove one or more of your beats, please get in touch with us (beats@voisey.app), and we’ll take it down for you.